2017 Lenten Daily Devotional

Peace and grace to you!

Lent is a season in the Christian calendar with special emphasis on the sacrifice our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, made for us.  Many of us observe this time with fasting and other spiritual disciplines to foster greater reflection on the life, ministry, suffering, death and resurrection of our Messiah.  As a result, we often become more aware of our sins and shortcomings and experience a greater depth of repentance in our lives.  On Ash Wednesday, we are reminded that “we are dust…and to dust we shall return” as we receive ashes upon our foreheads as a mark of who we are…but also a visible declaration of Whose we are!

In addition, Lent reminds us that Jesus came to bring victory to us. He was already sovereign…Lord of lords and King of kings. We stood on the outside in bondage to sin and death. But through our belief and confession in Him, we find ourselves on the winning side…ready to receive our crown as inheritors of the Kingdom.

This devotional is centers around the image of the Potter found in Jeremiah 18. Jeremiah ministered during a period of deep turmoil in his nation…a time when God called for repentance and reminded the people of God’s sovereignty.  Each Sunday, you will read through this entire passage.  While this may seem repetitive (and it is), my prayer is that you will find yourself immersed in what it means to be formed and shaped by and for God. Further, we may also reflect on how God’s purposes manifest in our world and our actions as followers of Christ.  All the other days, you will read through passages from Jeremiah, the entire Gospel According to Mark, Paul’s Letter to the Galatians, and other selected texts that further increase our understanding and immerse ourselves in God’s will for the people of God who are clay in God’s hands….

I pray that you will use this devotional guide to help you reflect and to draw nearer to God during this season when so many distractions vie for our attention.  Each day is divided into seven segments.  You will be given a song, a Scripture passage, and a reflective thought within each devotion.  The rest comes from your own prayerful reflection and the Holy Spirit.

You may complete this time in 10 minutes or an hour—it’s up to you!  On the next page, you will find a summary of what each segment means and intends to accomplish.  If you have further questions, feel free to contact me directly.

In Christ,

Rev. Cheryl

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