Prayer in Response to COVID 19

Good and Gracious God, God who parted the Red Sea and stilled the storm, God who created the heavens and the earth, God our Maker and Redeemer, we need You.

We need Your voice to calm us in the dead of night when our anxieties keep us from rest. We need You in the light of day to discern what is needed and helpful among all the messages we receive daily. We need You to speak in the hearts of those in authority to release resources, speak truth, and do what is right and just. We need You to cover those working so hard to care for the sick and meet the essential needs of our communities.

God our Comforter, keep us in the midst of the chaos and hold us in times of isolation. Help us to put our trust in You, our Fortress and Rock, and to lean not to our own understanding.

You are a Mighty God, and we know that You have seen us through before, and we wait in expectation to work all things together for our good. Grant us the peace that surpasses understanding, and heal our affliction. Work, O God, in the miraculous that Your beloved children may be saved. And know that we will give you all the praise, honor, and glory due Your Glorious Name.

In Jesus we pray, amen.

Plea for Mercy and Action in the Face of Natural Disaster

Psalm 8:3-4

God my God,

Have mercy, O God our Lord, maker of Heaven and Earth.

We have damaged Your plant, we have squandered dominion, and we have abdicated stewardship. Too often we have consumed and used and pillaged without counting the costs — to the land, the sea, and the air — Your blessed creation.

Why are you mindful of us when we act so mindlessly toward what You have given us?

Break our hearts over this.

Compel us to change.

Forgive us even as You empower us anew to care for Your creation.

Have mercy, Lord Christ, have mercy.

Creation groans. We are not helpless. Let us act out our faith.

In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

This prayer was part of my morning devotion. I share it inviting you to pray with me. Feel free to use publicly (especially in worship) as long as you share authorship and the link to this site as attribution.

2018 Lenten Daily Devotional

A Daily Devotional for the 2018 Lenten Season that explores how Christ Died for Us as well as invites us to pick up our cross and explore how suffering transforms each of us in the image of God.

Lent is a season in the Christian calendar with special emphasis on the sacrifice our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, made for us.  Many of us observe this time with fasting and other spiritual disciplines to foster greater reflection on the life, ministry, suffering, death and resurrection of our Messiah.  As a result, we often become more aware of our sins and shortcomings and experience a greater depth of repentance in our lives.  On Ash Wednesday, we are reminded that “we are dust…and to dust we shall return” as we receive ashes upon our foreheads as a mark of who we are…but also a visible declaration of Whose we are! As we continue on the Lenten journey, let’s set aside time to commune with the God who not only comes to us, but also died for us.

Below you will find a PDF version of my 2018 Lenten Daily Devotional, Christ Died for Us.

Christ Died for Us

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