Broken Pieces Shattered Clay

by Rev. Cheryl A. Lindsay


Broken pieces.

Shattered Clay.


Made for a purpose.

Shaped for God’s will.


Damaged by life.

By circumstance.

By struggle.

By self.


The pressure doesn’t stop.

Didn’t stop.

Won’t stop.


Can it be stopped?

Can clay be made stronger?






Are broken pots put back together…

Or scrapped for fresh material?


Are broken pots beyond repair


Or can they be re-salvaged?

Should the broken pieces

Be shattered back

Into clay…into dust

That can be made

Back into clay…


With just a little water?


And placed back on the Potter’s wheel?


Take my broken pieces

And add Living Water

Place me back in the Potter’s Hands

And make me brand new


A vessel to be used

For Your purpose

For Your will

For Your glory


In Your image


In Your hands


Whole. Shaped. Molded.


Clay – broken no longer.


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