2019 Advent Daily Devotional: Enthroned in Light


Enthroned in Light is a directed, daily devotional for your used during this Advent season, which begins on Sunday, December 1. You may download a copy for your personal use by clicking the link below:

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I pray it blesses you! Let me know if you decide to incorporate this devotional into your prayer routine and share your questions and reflections.


Pastor Cheryl

Plea for Mercy and Action in the Face of Natural Disaster

Psalm 8:3-4

God my God,

Have mercy, O God our Lord, maker of Heaven and Earth.

We have damaged Your plant, we have squandered dominion, and we have abdicated stewardship. Too often we have consumed and used and pillaged without counting the costs — to the land, the sea, and the air — Your blessed creation.

Why are you mindful of us when we act so mindlessly toward what You have given us?

Break our hearts over this.

Compel us to change.

Forgive us even as You empower us anew to care for Your creation.

Have mercy, Lord Christ, have mercy.

Creation groans. We are not helpless. Let us act out our faith.

In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

This prayer was part of my morning devotion. I share it inviting you to pray with me. Feel free to use publicly (especially in worship) as long as you share authorship and the link to this site as attribution.